Spike Lee throws Brooklyn Block Party celebrating 30th anniversary of Iconic film ”Do The Right Thing” by IssaKhari

Do The Right Thing Way, became official back in July of 2015 and is the official location for Spike Lee's annual Block Party! Spike makes it a point to return to the very location where he filmed the thought-provoking story some 30 years ago. DTRT like so many of Spike’s other films tells the story of the Brooklynites and the Greater Black Community.

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Legendary Cyphers Season 7 Premiere by IssaKhari

Legendary Cyphers is back for Season 7! We had a great opening night, filled with plenty of new faces and all the vets came out. We even had our first battle break out between Iron Emperor and Osyris Antham!

A personal goal for Season 7 is to take way more photos as well as continuing to provide the livestream coverage of the cypher! So to follow through and deliver in that, here or some shots from Friday’s cypher!

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Returned to my roots yesterday… Photojournalism. by IssaKhari

Yesterday I made a return to the scene where I made started my photography career…

About 4 years ago I started taking photography seriously and ran into the organization caller NYC Shut It Down. Shut It Down is part of the Black Lives Movement and has spent the last 208 consecutive weeks calling for justice for the families of unarmed victims to police violence. Yesterday happened to be their 4 year anniversary