Legendary Cyphers visits College Of Staten Island / by IssaKhari

I had my first visit to a college campus in a long while thanks to Legendary Cyphers. Eli, Bjorn and Miky showed out for the CSI students, who didn't seem to know what was going on at first. Thanks to mainstream media the culture of hip-hop has been lost to a generation that eat, sleep and dreams hip-hop.

So L.C. not only showed off their Lyrical prowess but explained to the students how a cypher was and still is the original social medium for communities. There was even a conversation sparked by one student employed by the school about the lack of promotion of the event. Overall it was a great experience being able to connect with the youth and bringing light to traditional values of hip-hop culture. It's was definitely a warmup for the upcoming season which starts May 3rd! If you're free that Friday and want to test your skill with some of the best emcees in NYC come through.