So here we go my photos from AfroPunk Brooklyn are finished. Between work and sleep it took me almost 4 days to sift through and edit over 500 pics, but I'm am finished. 🙌🏾 I'm not even going to front, I had the most fun this year than last two AfroPunk festivals! (Plus my portrait photography has improved dramatically.) There also was a little run in with AfroPunk’s security detail that I still considering if i want to address or not. I may go live onedayband let y'all know exactly what happened. But I just hope y'all enjoy the pictures I'm going to figure out how I'm going to keep this momentum going as summer closes out. I think the next big event coming up is the Labor Day Parade so stay tuned for that. I think I might have to start hitting the local art scene again.

I posted my favs from the festival here and there is a link to the full collection over in my client gallery! You can download all photos in the collection and purchase if you want a picture without my watermark!