So after sitting on these photos for almost a year I've finally completed the photoset. My subject for this shoot is the Uber talented Jasmine Nichole I've known her for about 3 or 4 years now and somehow we have never managed to shoot together. So last year while she was in town for AfroPunk we finally teamed up.

Part of the reason I took so long to edit this set of photos was I knew right out the camera these were my best work to date and that still stands true a year later. Y'all know I don't shoot portraits very often and I fell in love mainly trying to figure out what I was going to do with color grading. Lol. So I had literally come up with at least 4-5 variations of color grading before finalizing this look. This process also birthed 2 originals presets which is something I want to really get into as well. (Soon come, Issa Khari Photography will be selling presets 👀)

The second reason I took so long to edit these photos was that I been in a creative funk most of the winter and spring. But like the saying goes great things come to those who wait. I am extremely proud of these and they were immediately added into my portfolio! Shout out to Jasmine Nichole you can check out her work here!

Alright y'all being that I'm out of this funk let me get back to editing… Stay tuned!