#RickyRenuncia, Puerto Rican community calls for resignation of Ricardo Roselló in NYC by IssaKhari

As private messages leaked from the telegram account of Ricardo Roselló, protest emerged all of the United States in solidarity with the island of Puerto Rico. Roselló’s private messages being exposed would be a nightmare for any politician but accompanied with ongoing attempts to recover from disasters and a financial crisis, it would prove too much for even the most seasoned elected official. All of this has Puerto Ricans across the U.S. calling for the Governor to resign.

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Untitled (Soho 2015) by IssaKhari

This is a shot from when I first picked up photography. I used to run around the city or hours looking for anything interesting. I was mainly just trying to get as comfortable as possible with my camera so I would just snap away not really focusing too much on composition, I got lucky that day! (This photo is completely candid.) I believe the subject was trying to cross the street and I just happened to be in the right spot.

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Sunset by IssaKhari

Issa Khari is a Credentialed Visual Journalist and Street Photographer covering everything from Protest to Fashion Shows. After 5 years of covering events large and small, Issa has become a reliable source for independent news media and well known for shining light on the gems within the underground art scene

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